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The terms and conditions which apply in respect of returns

No returns can be accepted unless ActiMeat agrees to them in writing, prior to them being shipped to ActiMeat.

To be valid, complaints must be made in writing, on the document accompanying the merchandise, to ActiMeat’s delivery driver, at the time of receipt of the merchandise. The reservation will be deemed to have been made by an authorised person who represents the buyer, and who will clearly state his or her name and sign the document. The reservation will have to be confirmed in writing, within two full days following collection or receipt of the order in question, under penalty of debarment.

ActiMeat’s only obligation is to issue a refund for merchandise which is acknowledged to be defective by ActiMeat, after proof has been provided to us and after the two parties have acknowledged that the merchandise is defective.

Except should a return take place through the intermediary of the original transporter, in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated above, ActiMeat’s merchandise may not be returned or exchanged.

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ActiMeat manufactures minced meat and veggie products, meatballs and veggie balls, meat patties and vegetarian products, to meet the requirements of food manufacturers and food service (catering) businesses. Are you trying to find a supplier of, a wholesaler of or a manufacturer of products made from meat? Deep-frozen products which are ready to use – our high value-added ingredients will enhance your dishes.

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