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  1. What Are Cookies?

A cookie is a small file or device that is placed in the User’s PC (or any other device with access to Internet), when they visit the Website and that is used to store and recover data of Users on the navigation of the Website.

ActiMeat’s cookies are used to improve on the User’s experience, allowing them to navigate comfortably through the Website, interact with third party sites, provide additional functionalities and additional services to those on the Website and analyze the use of the Site more precisely. For example, the Website is able to place a cookie in your navigator to avoid that the User has to remember and enters their password more than once on their visit to the Website.


  1. More Information

The usage of cookies can be modified in the navigator settings. In most navigators, the User may find a “Help” section in the tool bar. For more information, you can find links to cookies settings of the most used browsers below:

  • For cookies on Internet Explorer, press here.
  • For cookies on Firefox, press here
  • For cookies on Chrome, press here
  • For cookies on Safari, press here

ActiMeat remits to these sections to obtain information on how to deactivate or eliminate cookies.

ActiMeat recommends that Users leave their cookies on as this helps to take advantage of some of the functions on the Website.

This Website also has access to the IP address with which the User accesses the Website. The IP address with which the User accesses the Website cannot be the same in every occasion. Also, the different Users can share one same IP address. Although ActiMeat does not carry out any actions associated to the IP address with concrete physical people, the access to IP addresses can be considered as a treatment of data due to the potentially identifying character of a physical person that may be associated to this IP, (more a theoretical possibility than a real one), for this, in agreement with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it shall be applied what is specified in the Privacy Policy.

Third parties that are advertised on the Website or those that the Users are connected to through plugins, may use cookies or ‘web beacons’ of those that ActiMeat has no control over. These third parties would not be responsible for or would be covered by the present Cookies and Privacy Policy, therefore, it is responsibility of the User to configure the browser’s settings so that cookies may only be used in agreement with their own preferences.


  1. Updates and Changes

ActiMeat may modify this Cookies Policy in compliance with new legal requirements.


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